Beginning: 2021-09-22 12:48 AM PDT
Ending: 2024-06-15 10:03 PM PDT
Total Jobs: 7,109,044


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Job Times, Last 24 Hours

Job Type Runtime % Total Runtime Average Runtime N % UO % AWS
sign-pkgs.09 hr0.2%2.64 min20%100%
rebuild-index.39 hr1.0%0.76 min310%100%
other4.28 hr10.5%10.26 min254%96%
no-specs-to-rebuild1.83 hr4.5%0.93 min1186%93%
generate28.49 hr69.6%10.75 min15968%32%
Machine Learning, x86_644.21 hr10.3%12.03 min2190%10%
Machine Learning MPS, macOS aarch641.44 hr3.5%9.58 min9100%0%
E4S OneAPI, x86_64.19 hr0.5%3.85 min333%67%
TOTAL40.92 hr----36839%60%

Job Times, Last Week

Job Type Runtime % Total Runtime Average Runtime N % UO % AWS
sign-pkgs11.36 hr0.2%3.89 min1750%98%
rebuild-index15.61 hr0.3%1.29 min7250%92%
other1,020.86 hr17.5%7.47 min8,20135%64%
no-specs-to-rebuild91.09 hr1.6%1.00 min5,4494%90%
generate1,033.33 hr17.7%9.46 min6,55264%33%
Spack Tutorial, x86_6452.41 hr0.9%5.90 min53360%39%
RADIUSS, x86_6465.89 hr1.1%4.14 min95559%41%
Machine Learning, x86_64812.32 hr13.9%9.34 min5,21747%51%
Machine Learning MPS, macOS aarch64119.67 hr2.0%4.05 min1,774100%0%
E4S, x86_64573.09 hr9.8%6.70 min5,13645%54%
E4S ROCm External220.04 hr3.8%12.49 min1,05755%44%
E4S Power, ppc64le608.8 hr10.4%7.32 min4,990100%0%
E4S OneAPI, x86_64297.15 hr5.1%5.59 min3,19146%53%
E4S Cray, SLES, x86_6425.92 hr0.4%4.31 min361100%0%
E4S Cray, RHEL8, zen451.22 hr0.9%4.00 min768100%0%
Data and Vis SDK, x86_64354.3 hr6.1%7.08 min3,00157%42%
AWS Packages, x86_64252.38 hr4.3%9.27 min1,63458%41%
AWS Packages, neoverse_n1135.39 hr2.3%6.65 min1,22254%45%
AWS Packages, aarch6498.96 hr1.7%5.55 min1,06967%31%
TOTAL5,839.78 hr----52,01052%46%

Job Times, Overview

Job Type Runtime % Total Runtime Average Runtime N % UO % AWS
sign-pkgs82.9 days0.3%8.85 min13,5540%97%
rebuild-index170.84 days0.6%3.70 min66,44242%57%
rebuild, x86_64 (p)1,912.23 days6.8%7.47 min368,6033%97%
rebuild, x86_649,865.17 days35.3%5.86 min2,423,53947%53%
rebuild, ppc64le953.52 days3.4%9.81 min140,42897%0%
rebuild, other1,610.1 days5.8%6.41 min362,8602%77%
rebuild, macOS23.29 days0.1%1.45 min23,191100%0%
rebuild, cray, zen4.58 days0.0%1.16 min851100%0%
rebuild, aarch641,028.77 days3.7%5.51 min268,9770%97%
protected-publish36.79 days0.1%38.53 min1,3750%98%
protected-generate84.3 days0.3%6.57 min18,69025%70%
pr-generate1,186.42 days4.2%6.53 min261,74135%63%
other1,425.8 days5.1%8.11 min253,16934%64%
no-specs-to-rebuild169.95 days0.6%0.58 min424,02335%64%
generate1,249.41 days4.5%6.92 min260,23656%43%
copy-mirror.94 days0.0%1.87 min7230%100%
cleanup8.56 days0.0%1.03 min12,02288%12%
Spack Tutorial, x86_6498.65 days0.4%5.72 min24,82872%27%
RADIUSS, x86_64154.96 days0.6%5.28 min42,28858%41%
Machine Learning, x86_641,968.04 days7.0%7.84 min361,68452%46%
Machine Learning MPS, macOS aarch64267.05 days1.0%4.21 min91,293100%0%
E4S, x86_642,014.22 days7.2%10.21 min283,94756%43%
E4S ROCm External295.03 days1.1%10.91 min38,95157%42%
E4S Power, ppc64le1,269.76 days4.5%9.77 min187,185100%0%
E4S OneAPI, x86_64567.8 days2.0%6.69 min122,20953%45%
E4S Cray, SLES, x86_6447.06 days0.2%3.75 min18,19999%0%
E4S Cray, RHEL8, zen482.51 days0.3%3.76 min31,993100%0%
E4S ARM75.52 days0.3%7.33 min14,8460%100%
Data and Vis SDK, x86_64597.36 days2.1%8.45 min101,79555%44%
AWS Packages, x86_64268.85 days1.0%7.14 min54,18958%41%
AWS Packages, neoverse_n1222.13 days0.8%6.21 min51,54512%86%
AWS Packages, aarch64216.82 days0.8%6.16 min50,71113%85%
TOTAL27,955.3 days----6,376,08743%55%

Runner System Failures, by Type, Last 24 Hours

Failure Type N # AWS # UO % of All System Failures

Runner System Failures, by Runner, Last 24 Hours

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